Software INDUSTRIAL line: CoVis



Intelligent software communicates with machines

The simplest way to get a precise result.

Fast, reliable and easy to use without the need of extensive training – these are the requirements that users place today on small control units in order to master the everyday measuring and presetting tasks. The display and operator dialog are shown on a clearly designed touch screen. Logical measuring tasks, such as angle calculations, circle diameter and theoretical points can be activated easily by using your finger tip on self-explanatory module icons. The easy management of the adaptors, holders, tools and tooling sheets enables permanent access to the results in terms of the workflow.


  • Operated via a 15” touch screen
  • Camera with a 5 x 5 mm measuring window
  • 28x magnification of the camera image 28 x
  • Cutting-edge inspection with LED illumination and zoom function
  • Total image function for fast measuring
  • Database for adapter, zero point, tool and tooling sheets
  • Additional measurements: radius / circle sections, cutting angles and general angles and centre of radius / circles sections
  • Data output via printer or network


Measured image


Tool data screen


Cutting edge inspection


Data communication

The intelligent software – the heart of the Industrial line for
tool adjustment and measurement.

Measurement of dynamic cross-hairs

Measurement of dynamic cross-hairs:

For operator-independent and fast measurement of the maximum values of different geometries. The cross-hair automatically finds the cutting edge and remembers the maximum values once the total image has been activated until the measurement can be restarted, enabling the individual cutting edges of multiple cutting-edge tools to be compared.

Measurement of fixed cross-hairs

Measurement of fixed cross-hairs:

The fixed cross-hair acts like a projector, with the cutting edge having to be manually positioned on the cross-hair. Previously press the Focus key to adjust maximum focus.

Measurement of radii

Measurement of radii:

Radii are measured automatically as soon as a suitable radius has been detected in the image. Measured on the basis of the best-fit process; free choice of ROI

Measurement of angles

Measurement of angles:

Angles are measured automatically as soon as the cutting edge has been detected in the image. There are several angle measuring options (supplementary angle, enclosed angle etc.)

Theoretical points

Theoretical points:

Theoretical geometries can equally be recorded and measured automatically and operator-managed. This can involve the theoretical point with counterbores, the theoretical length or the radius on the edge of the drill.

Search beam

Search beam:

The complementary value at the intersection of the search beam is measured with the contour of the tool by fixed specification of either the X or Z coordinates.

Data management

Data management:

It includes an adapter menu for specification of any number of adapters and machine management system, tool management system and set-up plans. Complete set-up plans can be produced and transmitted to the machines by post-processors. The machine menu is used to define different controls.

Cutting edge inspection

Cutting edge inspection:

Top light control using different lighting intensities for the visual inspection of tools.