The cooling jet in a nutshell: Admissions with cooling channel bore.

  • Longer tool life
  • More efficient chip removal through flushing
  • Optimum cooling lubricant supply for groove, blind hole and spindle-out machining
  • Better dimensional accuracy of workpieces
  • Higher surface quality
  • More process reliability

CoolStream® tool holders: fast and inexpensive
available as catalog item!

1. i-tec® shrink fit chuck
(Standard version / A dimension 130 mm)
PSC 50-80, HSK-A 63, SK 40 (DIN 69871)

2. weldon adapters (standard version)
PSC 50/63, HSK-A 63

3. slip-on cutter arbors (standard version)
HSK-A 63

With a few exceptions, CoolStream® tool holders are available in a resealable design. If required, we will include the appropriate screw plugs in your delivery. Further tool holders with cooling channel bores are available on request!

In addition to the standard version
also A-dimension 130 mm available!

Downloads info material:

KELCH CoolStram A4 V04
The cooling jet to the point: tool holders with cooling channel bore.