Safecontrol 4.0

With Safecontrol 4.0, you digitally and precisely measure the pull-in forces of machine tool spindles as well as extensions, reducers and zero point clamping systems.

  • Robust basic device with simple operation
  • Measured value indication via display with position orientation integrated in the handle - for better readability and identification of the spindle to be measured
  • App for 100% process reliability
  • Fast, trouble-free and reliable measurement immediately after the clamping process in the machine spindle
  • High measuring accuracy (0.5 % of full scale)
  • Large measuring range (0-100 kN)
  • One basic device suitable for all adapters (HSK, PSC and SK/BT)
  • Data display on tablet PC via Bluetooth transmission
  • Calibration and repair service

Download info material:

Control is good - measuring with goblet is better!