Accessories for the PREMIUM line

Add to your tool presetter to meet your needs and
requirements and customise it with our accessories.


Protective cover for V6 and
V9xx / V9xx S units

  • Protects from dust and dirt
  • Suggested example


A4 printer

  • List printer for logging


TUL mounting plates

  • Basic element of the TUL system

  • Available in different designs
    (e.g. for holding tools, inserts for
    modular precision spindles or
    other tools, see the TUL range)

  • Required space:
    L x W x H = 240 x 120 x 130 mm



Label printer

  • Thermo-label printer with or without dispenser.


Inserts for the modular precision spindle

  • Insert modules which can be
    supplied for all common HSK,
    PSC, VDI, KM and SK tool holders.