Components for the PREMIUM line

Add to your tool presetter to meet your needs and
requirements and customise it with our components.

Turning centre camera

  • Additional CCD camera with telecentric lens and LED ring light
  • Convenient control and setting of the turning centre with adjustable tools
  • Adjustable tool inspection of the face geometry
  • Swivels in and out
Grinding camera

  • Additional CCD camera with telecentric lens and LED ring light
  • Convenient control and setting of the turning centre with adjustable tools
  • Swivels from – 90°…+90°
  • Additional tool inspection of
    the face and
    circumferential geometry
  • Ideal for tool cutters to monitor the chamfer cut on the face
    and circumference
  • Additional software options for manual reflected light measurement of radii, lengths and angles

Tool identification


  • Hardware and software for reading and writing RFID chips
  • Manual or automatic
  • Up to 2 read-write heads can be connected
  • For RFID chips on the tool collar and in the pull stud
  • Chip formats can produced to meet customer requirements
  • Compatible for many systems: Balluff, Pepperl+Fuchs, Siemens, Euchner (Mazak) and other systems are possible
  • Tool data can be imported using various scanners
  • Tool data can be imported and exported using various codes − barcode, data matrix code and



  • Optics carrier including CCD camera and pneumatic quick adjustment mechanism
  • Optional laser pointer for detection of the cutting edge
  • Activation by pressing axis quick adjustment mechanism
  • Laser corresponds to laser class 1

MoDeTec (ModuleDeTection)

The right spindle insert must be selected before measuring the tools when using different spindle inserts (e.g. SC 50, HSC 63, PSC 50 etc.), as the zero point of the tool presetter is dependent on this. If you wish to measure an SK 50 tool but have forgotten to change from HSK 63 to SK 50 in the software, the system assumes a different zero point. This leads to incorrect measured values and thus to poor results on the workpiece. There is also the possible threat of collisions and damage in the machine.


The solution to this problem is provided by KELCH MoDeTec. This patented system offers maximum process reliability, as the spindle insert communicates directly with the spindle and the software. As soon as the spindle insert is positioned in the basic spindle, the system detects the insert used and automatically selects the right insert in the software. Operating errors are thus a thing of the past.

Rear clamping monitoring

If you forget to clamp the tool in the spindle before measuring, an incorrect measured value will be recorded and possible damage caused to the workpiece or poor machining results produced.


The solution to this problem is rear clamping monitoring. This combination of hardware and software controls the pneumatic clamp on the spindle at all times. The EASY software only permits the measuring process to start once the tool has been properly clamped. This option is also indispensable for reliable setting within the process.

Release mechanism for
angle head tools
  • Release mechanisms for
    all common SK, PSC,
    HSK and VDI adapters
  • Release mechanisms for
    driven and non-driven tools
  • Customised solutions
    also possible
Length adjustment


  • Hardware and software for automatic adjustment of tools to their target length*
  • Adjustment of hydraulic expansion chucks, collect chucks, weldon and whistle notch
*Only for the KENOVA set line V9xx and V9xx-S ranges.
Modular precision spindle

The world’s best spindle for Premium line tool presetters:
KENOVA set line V6xx, V9xx and H3

· Basic spindle concentricity ≤ 0.001 mm
· Change precision of insert modules ≤ 0.001 mm
· No loss of measuring path in the Z axis
· Tool weight of up to 100 kg (KENOVA set line V6xx) /
150 kg (KENOVA set line V9xx)


KELCH’s own modular precision spindle is the most stable and precise tool holder spindle you can find. Decades of experience teamed with outstanding engineering knowledge and expertise are behind this ultra-precise spindle. The modular system enables spindle inserts to be swapped within less than five seconds while maintaining excellent precision. Maximum concentricity of 1 μm on the flat surface and < 3 μm at a height of 300 mm and a tool weight of up to 150 kg speak for themselves.

Inserts for the modular precision spindle

The contact face and the short taper ensure maximum repeatability when changing the insert modules, available for all standard HSK, PSC, VDI, KM and SK tool holders. Clamping for all tools is similar to the machine tool, with steep taper holders using retention knobs centrally from behind and HSK holders using original clamping units expanded from the inside.

Monitor combinations


  • Optional combination of 2x 24” monitors above each other
  • Additional 10” tool monitor that travels with the camera
  • Additional 17” tool monitor fixed upstream of the spindle on the base


  • Additional tower parallel to the measuring tower
  • For clamping long tools
  • Up to 1200 mm
  • Minimises wobbling of long tools, such as long reamers