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Operate-Leasing / Finance-Leasing

The lessee purchases the temporary right to use a capital asset that can generally be cancelled at any time. The lease contract is essentially the equivalent of a civil lease contract. Unlike medium- and long-term ­financing, operating leasing focuses of providing for the short-term use of the capital asset, enabling customers to overcome bottlenecks in production or in sales.

A key feature of operating lease contracts is that the lessor's financing costs are not generally amortised within the term of the contract. Full amortisation can only be achieved by the lessor leasing the asset several times and ultimately selling it.

  • Avoid high initial expenditure
  • Make use of attractive financing models
  • Pre-emptive right to purchase at the end of the flexible leasing model
  • Billing on a time and material basis, for example with short-term services
  • Monthly billing: precisely based on goods consumed

Features of operating leasing:

Contract period

Relatively short contract periods. When a contract is concluded for an indefinite period, there is a right to cancel within the agreed periods. The service life of the asset exceeds the service life specified in the contract.

Economic risk/Asset risk

is borne by the lessor. In this context, economic risk/asset risk is understood as meaning the risk of technical obsolescence of the leased asset, theft, technical faults or damage.


Is the responsibility of the lessor. As the leased assets are often leased to several lessees in turn, it is in the interest of the lessor to maintain the asset in a good condition.

Features of finance leasing

Contract period

Long contract terms with basic lease periods that cannot be cancelled. The basic lease period term is approximately the operational service life of the leased asset.

Asset risk

is borne by the lessee. This also includes payment for incidental repairs and the arrangement of insurance.


As the lessee has generally initiated the procurement and/or production of the leased capital equipment, he is also responsible for taking measures to retain its value.