INDUSTRIAL line: Your partners in tool measurement at a glance

V346/V366 Easy H343 Easy
Measuring vertikal horizontal
Measuring length X (ø) 400 mm / 600 mm 400 mm
Measuring length Z 600 mm / 600 mm 300 mm
Weight 300 kg 475 kg Easy /
460 kg CoVis
Measures (LxWxH) 1.267 x 570 x 1.273 mm 1.784 x 886 x 1.570 mm (inkl. TUL Rack V)
Software Easy Easy
Techn. equipment • Convenient adjustment of the axes by means of pneumatically released coarse adjustment. Additionally with handwheels for fine adjustment.

• High-precision tool spindle with direct SK 50 interface and integrated calibration balls. Optionally with pneumatic tool clamping.

• CMOS camera with precise optics and illumination for repeatability of ± 2 µm.

• 3 versions available:
1. manual,
2. manual with CNC spindle (autofocus),
3. full CNC

• Convenient infeed of the axes by means of pneumatically released quick adjustment. Additionally with endless fine adjustment.

• Variable table equipment with tool holder of various interfaces, manual modular precision spindle, universal tool spindle as well as customer-specific attachments.

• Telecentric optics, illumination and CCD camera

Material Ductile iron Ductile iron
Standard accessories TUL Rack V
Accessories optional • Base frame TUL Rack V or TUL workbench

• Autofocus / CNC

• Turning center camera

• Turning -
center measuring device

• Additional tool monitor

• Tool clamping

• RFID system

• Reductions

• Thermal label printer

• protective cover

• CoVis software

• Optics carrier with rotary center camera

• Various table mountings

• Thermal label printer

• protective cover


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