The KELCH seal guarantees greater certainty with all KELCH devices.

This seal assures you at all times that are receiving the best, most professional service for all your KELCH equipment. We guarantee absolute quality and offer maintenance contracts combined with interesting bonus programs and discounts. Benefit from KELCH service and only trust the original.


We keep all common spare parts of the current series in stock at fairly calculated prices exclusively for our customers and authorised representatives. In most cases we are able to quickly deliver spare parts or offer suitable alternatives even for systems up 15 years old.

Maintenance contract

One-off cost for the maintenance of an initial system
including travel costs.

Repair service

We offer you the option of having your units or components (e.g. your PC) repaired quickly in-house by KELCH. You save on travel costs or dual journeys, if the fault cannot be resolved at the first attempt. We can also organise the collection and also the return delivery.

Lease and rental devices

We would be pleased to supply you out of our pool of lease and rental units (if available) for the duration of the repair of your components at KELCH. Our maintenance contract customers have privileged access to this service and, of course,
at special rates.

Extended warranty

If you conclude a maintenance contract and if the first service is carried out within twelve months after the purchase of a new unit, then the warranty is automatically extended to 24 months.

Data recovery

It can happen quickly. Following a power failure or other unforeseeable events, the database has become unstable and the last backup is already too old to restore – important data is lost. We offer our maintenance contract customers a data recovery option at KELCH. Invoicing is on a cost-basis.

Software Support

We offer our maintenance contract customers priority support for software issues. Support is invoiced for every
half-hour started.

24-hour service

We offer our maintenance contract customers a guaranteed response time of 24 hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, except on public holidays).

Retrofit upgrade

Only we offer you the opportunity to update your unit to the state-of-the-art. It is crucial to stay up to date especially with fast-moving control technology. The progressive discount rate based on spare parts service and the benefits of a maintenance contract naturally also apply here.

Calibration and certification of KELCH measuring equipment

We calibrate and certify your KELCH measuring equipment in-house, such as measuring gauges, test arbors and force sensing bars. Optional: If you do not want to deal with this yourself, we can take responsibility for it with
a calibration contract.