25. July 2017

Tool presetter KENOVA set line V6

Would you like maximum precision? KENOVA set line V6 fully meets your requirements – manually to fully automatic! The premium tool presetters stands for the ultimate […]
25. June 2018

Shrinking with precision

i-tec® M: Shrinking with precision. Gives you maximum flexibility when configuring your shrink-fit device. Adapt your low-cost entry model according to your individual requirements by adding […]
25. June 2018

Tool presetter KENOVA set line H3

Would you like to measure tools horizontally? KENOVA set line H3: The new compact entry-level tool presetter for horizontal tool measurement. Thanks to its compact design, […]
25. June 2018

Tool presetter KENOVA set line V9xx-S

Would you like to measuring, presetting and shrinking? KENOVA set line V9xx-S: The revolution in tool presetting. Ease of use coupled with maximum precision. This range […]