Accessories for the INDUSTRIAL line

Add to your tool presetter to meet your needs and
requirements and customise it with our accessories.


TUL Rack

  • Table rack for KENOVA tool presetters

  • Required space:
    L x W x H = 1020 x 620 x 800 mm

  • Load-bearing capacity: 250 kg


Accessories KENOVA set line V3xx

Turning centre measuring equipment

  • Quality dial gauge, which can be swivelled in and out for measuring the turning centre, measuring range ± 2.5 mm, resolution 1/100 mm.

Accessories KENOVA set line V3xx


  • Adapter to hold different tool tapers or cylinders in the SK 50 tool holder spindle. Available for all common interfaces such as: SK / HSK / PSC / VDI.


Label printer

  • Thermo-label printer with or without dispenser.

Accessories KENOVA set line V3xx

Protective cover for V366 C / V366 P units

  • Protects from dust and dirt