Precision creates sustainable success

The micrometer-precise measurement of transmission components or cutting tools can often be a challenge due to complicated geometries or the large sizes of components. This is even more true when the measure- ments are carried out directly on the production line. High measurement resolutions and large component dimensions are a contradiction in terms. However, with highly-precise mechanics, selected measuring sensors and intelligent measuring software, measuring systems can be developed which meet the high-quality stand- ards of today’s industries.

KENOVA Measuring Systems can be fully integrated into your product line. In the measuring process rotationallly symmetri- cal parts are measured with the same preci- sion as in the measuring laboratory.

The measuring machine can be supplied as a manual workstation for production. This design can also combine 2D and 3D sensor technology.


  • Measurement determination on transmission external rings with 3D/2D sensor technology.
  • Position measurement of indexable inserts on crankshaft cutters.
  • Optical dislocation to determine the imbalance of a wave/shaft