30.03.2020 / Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Clearance Sale 2019/2020
4. December 2019
A device for cleaning tool holder tapers
29.04.2020 / KELCH RoWi: A new version of the cleaning unit is available
29. April 2020

Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Weinstadt, 30. March 2020 For four weeks our crisis intervention team has been frequently meeting to adjust company measures to the current situation and the government guidelines. We are doing everything possible to act responsibly in such difficult circumstances: pandemic plans, hand disinfection, respiratory hygiene, keeping a safe distance and handshake ban have already become normal for us since the beginning of the crisis. In the last couple of days, all non-essential meetings, business trips and appointments were cancelled or conducted as video and conferencing calls.