New measuring gauge for HSK tool tapers

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15. April 2021
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2. June 2021

New measuring gauge for HSK tool taper

Networking measuring equipment to Industry 4.0 standards


Digitalising processes is an immense innovation driver in manufacturing. The machining industry, in particular, is one of the key technologies driving forward efficient production. Smart machines and software solutions, which use networking and data exchange to connect analogue to digital processes, form the basis for digitalised Industry 4.0- capable processes. A quick look at the range of applications and features of the new smart measuring gauge for HSK tool tapers, a KELCH GmbH development, shows how this development can be integrated into individual areas, such as the networking of measuring and test equipment. Furthermore, the position of the smart measuring instrument in Kelch’s Industry 4.0-capable range shows how far the new industry standards have progressed.


Smart measuring gauge!

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