Retrofit – the general overhaul for tool presetters

The portable system allows quick measurements with preprogrammed programs for all HSK sizes.
New measuring gauge for HSK tool tapers
16. April 2021
Der Retrofit ist Teil des Nachhaltigkeitskonzepts von KELCH, zu dem viele weitere Maßnahmen gehören: eine umweltschonende Herstellung, lange Produktlebenszyklen, umweltfreundliches Heizen, ein geringer Energieverbrauch, ein umweltschonender Fuhrpark und nachhaltige Verpackungen.
Sustainable solution for IT migration
9. June 2021

Interview with Günter Schwegler | A general overhaul for tool presetters – how come? There is a need for an upgrade in many companies under the auspices of Industry 4.0. Would you like to integrate your tool presetters into Smart Factories and the cloud. The KELCH Retrofit service makes it possible.

  • KELCH will replace critical components and convert the unit to the current software.
  • The upgrade gives companies a virtually new and smarter tool presetter. Components with new functions make tool presetters fit for Industry 4.0 applications.
  • The retrofit service is available for almost all generations of units, even for special models.