i-tec ®M shrink device

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5. September 2016
KELCH Smart Factory Service
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7. September 2016

Shrinking with precision

Shrinking technology remains a forerunner as regards the requirement for run-out precision, imbalance and clamping force of the tool holders in machining production.

KELCH has for many years ensured a consistently high level of process safety for our customers.

A wide range of tools and shrink fit devices from the i-tec® range are available as options for different user groups and applications. From the entry-level model i-tec® M to the shrink fit device i-tec® M-CX for customers with higher volume requirements, we cover a wide range of shrink fit devices for many applications.Unsere patentierte Kontaktkühltechnologie erlaubt Ihnen ein schonendes und gleichmäßiges Abkühlen erwärmter Schrumpfwerkzeugaufnahmen.

Our patented contact cooling technology ensures gentle and consistent cooling of heated shrink tool holders.

The new shrink-fit device class – i-tec® M

Gives you maximum flexibility when configuring your shrink-fit device.
Adapt your low-cost entry model­ according to your individual requirements by adding the appropriate accessories as required.