KENOVA measure line

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5. September 2016
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6. September 2016

Measurement of rotationally symmetric components on the production line

The new KENOVA measure line product range enables you to automatically check your rotationally symmetric work­pieces directly after machining and between individual productions steps. As the machines can be fully integrated into the production line, there is no need for the components to be taken away to the measuring room. This saves time, increases and safeguards the quality of your manufacturing and contributes to your business success.

You can choose from various measuring tasks that can be customized to your own particular requirements. The measuring tasks range from the diameter to length, roundness, angle, concentricity and more.

Special solutions are also possible for measuring threads, gears, roughness measurement or bearing locking (roll dimensions).

Rotationssymmetrische Bauteile wie zum Beispiel Zahnräder und –wellen, Schiebemuffen, Gelenkwellen, Außenringe, Getriebebauteile (z. B. Synchronring)

This makes it possible to measure rotationally symmetric components, like gears and splined shafts, sliding sleeves, cardan shafts, external rings, transmission components (e.g. synchronizer rings).


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