Measuring equipment: Smart gauge for HSK tool tapers from KELCH now on sale

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Measuring equipment: Smart gauge for HSK tool tapers from KELCH now on sale


KELCH GmbH has added a smart HSK measuring gauge to its product range for the comparative measurement of HSK tool holders and HSK spindles in digitalised production processes. The digital measuring system can be conveniently connected to a PC or laptop. The user-friendly software combines visualisation, the measuring process, the saving and output of data, and efficient networking to Industry 4.0 standards.

The smart HSK measuring gauge does not require additional measuring columns. The portable digital measuring permits fast measurements with pre-configured programs for all HSK sizes. This innovation obviates the need to program each individual size, as was required in the previous versions and also enables the required programs to be saved. This also eliminates the need for users to read off from the measurement scale and manually note the values, a process that was often prone to errors.


Simply connect and start

The features of the smart HSK gauge include the simple change of gauges for different HSK taper sizes by plug and play and the one-click selection of the appropriate measuring program. The data collected can be immediately saved, logged and made available to all interested parties. The smart HSK measuring gauge therefore fulfils the most important prerequisite for successful digital processes in production: integration into an efficient information and data flow according to Industry 4.0 standards. No special preparations are needed to use the smart HSK gauge. As all the measuring programs are pre-installed, users only need to connect them up and can start the application immediately.


Growing product range for Industry 4.0

Kelch is once again bringing its long-standing expertise in production-related measuring and test equipmentinto digitalised processes with its new smart HSK measuring gauge. The SafeControl 4.0 digital measuring system has also been part of the product range for some time: a development designed to check the pull force of machine tool spindles. A further range, Kelch Smart Factory solutions, supports networked processes with a high degree of customisability.
The specific special solutions that Kelch is developing together with MySolutions AG deliver comprehensive complete solutions to Industry 4.0 standards. . The focus here is on internal operational logistics and warehousing processes. Together with Teamviewer and Vodafone, KELCH IoT (Internet of Things) offers cloud-based process control and status monitoring to prevent impending system outages and costly production downtime. The smart HSK measuring gauge is thus another building block for machining companies wishing to network their measuring equipment.