Upgrade for used tool presetters with a KELCH retrofit

Der Retrofit ist Teil des Nachhaltigkeitskonzepts von KELCH, zu dem viele weitere Maßnahmen gehören: eine umweltschonende Herstellung, lange Produktlebenszyklen, umweltfreundliches Heizen, ein geringer Energieverbrauch, ein umweltschonender Fuhrpark und nachhaltige Verpackungen.
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9. June 2021
KELCH helps flood victims and supports the aid organisation Aktion Deutschland hilft.
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6. August 2021
Günter Schwegler, verantwortlich für den After Sales Service bei KELCH, präsentiert den Retrofit anhand eines Werkzeugvoreinstellgeräts Sirius C.

Upgrade for used tool presetters with a KELCH retrofit


Services represent a key element in the KELCH GmbH portfolio. KELCH customers benefit specifically from the retrofit service: a general overhaul of tool presetters that also brings older equipment up to the state of the art in a cost-effective and sustainable manner – and even makes it Industry 4.0-capable, depending on the model.

Many KELCH tool presetters have been in operation with customers for years or even decades. Manufactured throughout from stable grey cast iron or mineral cast composite, their durability is particularly impressive. Services, such as retrofitting, can also extend the service life of equipment when companies wish to modify their IT infrastructure, replace PCs or future-proof their equipment for networking in digitalised structures. “Many companies would like to integrate their equipment into Smart Factories and the cloud. In these cases, retrofitting is a lasting solution, as the solid basic body is the most energy-intensive component in production. During a retrofit, we replace components, such as camera technology, PCs or drive assemblies,and switch to the current software – and the customer has a virtually new, more intelligent device usually within a day,” continues Viktor Grauer, member of the Executive Board and Head of Innovation Management at KELCH.


Services for older versions too

The retrofit service promise applies to almost all KELCH tool presetters that are still in use. Even the Kalimat and Trabant models, some of which were manufactured before 2000, can be upgraded. “Our tool presetters are durable and have a long service life. And there’s more: the cast components get better and better over the years,” explains Viktor Grauer. The reason for their long service life is the high level of design and development expertise within KELCH. Also available: a retrofit for special equipment of all kinds.


Fit for Industry 4.0

When replaced, many components can be integrated with new functions, making the equipment compatible with Industry 4.0 applications and future-proofing it, thanks to the interface technology. A further benefit is that companies do not have to procure new equipment. As a system supplier with over 75 years of experience, KELCH also offers an individual consultation, for instance when companies are considering integrating a used instrument into a new IT environment or into recently networked processes. The extensive range of additional components, software and accessories also provides for customised extensions and adaptations.