29.04.2020 / KELCH RoWi: A new version of the cleaning unit is available

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KELCH RoWi: A new version of the cleaning unit is available


When used as a regular tool cleaning instrument, a taper cleaner contributes to greater precision and improved tool life in machine tool businesses. The system supplier KELCH has launched a new version of its RoWi taper cleaner for this purpose. The cleaning device is specifically designed for tool holder tapers and cleans dirty tool holders before and after use in the machine tool.

A device for cleaning tool holder tapers before use in the machine tool ensures change precision and process reliability. Tool cleaning also maintains the run-out precision of the tool system, helping to reduce waste. After use, the taper cleaner removes emulsions from the tool holder tapers, which could lead to resin formation if allowed to remain for longer. The taper cleaner also cleanly and reliably removes swarf during tool cleaning, which would otherwise impair precision in future use. The cleaning device is available either as a portable workbench system or for direct installation in the machine tool. Machine manufacturers can contact KELCH directly with their machine-specific requirements for the taper cleaner.


Cleaning device for material-friendly tool cleaning

The cleaning attachments for RoWi are available in all common taper sizes for HSK, PSC and SK. This enables businesses to flexibly adapt the drive unit for their cleaning device to their specific needs. The taper cleaner consists of a drive unit with an alternating current motor for approx. 65 revolutions per minute and different cleaning attachments with three brushes each for different taper sizes. The tool cleaner exclusively uses abrasive bristles, which reliably remove the dirt but do not cause any mechanical abrasion of the actual tool.


Maintenance-free taper cleaner

Even with frequent operation, the cleaning device saves valuable working time. The new version of the taper cleaner has an integrated timer, which automatically controls the tool cleaning process, allowing the user to prepare for the next task during the cleaning process. A further benefit: Apart from occasional emptying of the dirt particles or replacement of the brushes, the cleaning device is maintenance-free and resistant to rust and cooling lubricants. No additional measures are required on the taper cleaner after tool cleaning. Depending on the degree of dirt, RoWi can be used for tool cleaning with or without the appropriate Reflu cleaning agent. Like the spare brushes for RoWi, Reflu is also available in the KELCH standard product range and helps to preserve the cleaned tools.