10.03.2016 / Safecontrol – Press release

09.02.2016 / KENOVA measure line VHE/VC
9. February 2016
29.04.2016 / Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Services – Press release
29. April 2016
09.02.2016 / KENOVA measure line VHE/VC
9. February 2016
29.04.2016 / Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Services – Press release
29. April 2016

Software ensures precise measured data values

Safecontrol: Software enhances proven force sensing bar and readout unit

(30th Control – International trade fair for quality assurance, Stuttgart 26 – 29 April 2016, Hall 1, Stand 1128)

Weinstadt, 10.03.2016. Kelch GmbH offers configuration and evaluation software for your computer and is intended to enhance and complement the existing Safecontrol system. Kelch has announced that it will be launching an app in future for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. The proven hardware also delivers a high level of measuring accuracy. Safecontrol also helps to improve the service life of components and machine tools.

Practical software enhancement simplifies users’ work
The configuration and evaluation software helps users to log and save different measured values and/or measured results. It needs a cable to connect the force sensing bar to the PC. The integrated DMS sensor interface enables connection by USB to a PC or Notebook, thereby transforming your Notebook into a “portable” measuring station directly in the production facility. Customers receive the software free of charge. Only the special connection cable needs to be purchased additionally.

After a brief introduction, the software can be intuitively operated and understood by users. The user defines the upper and lower limit values using parameters and consequently identifies the current evaluations from the measured system as a green or red smiley face, with green meaning passed and red failed. The user documents and saves the measured value data in a CSV format and also has the option of outputting this data as a line diagram. The benefit of the software lies in capturing, saving and printing several measurements in a single process, coupled with the simple mode of configuring the individual sensor settings. Even the user interface can be set in one of three languages (German, English and French).

Precise measuring process and proven hardware
Measurements are performed by a precision force sensing bar with measuring strip. The user inserts the force sensing bar into the machine tool spindle, which tightens it with its clamping system. Safecontrol achieves a high degree of measuring accuracy with the effect of the force combined with the measuring strip. The user then reads off the actual pull force for each measurement directly on the readout unit. The user operates the robust and ergonomic readout unit with a simple press of a button.

The proven Safecontrol system consists of a force sensing bar and the readout unit. It is an electronic measuring system for measuring the pull force of clamping systems in machine tool spindles, and for measuring the force of extensions, reductions and zero point systems with an appropriate adapter.

Safecontrol can be used for quality assurance and for ensuring process safety and safety at work
The Safecontrol helps to safeguard the service life of components and machine tools. The electronic measuring system also protects from greater tool and machine wear. Other points include guaranteed machining quality and accuracy, reduced reject rates and down time and improved operating safety and process reliability.

Kelch GmbH, based in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, offers peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes. With over 100 employees, the company generates annual revenue of approx. € 13 million. As a fully owned subsidiary of Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. (HMCT), Harbin/China, Kelch is part of the China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (Genertec), Beijing. Genertec is represented in 100 countries worldwide, with 45,000 employees in 51 companies. Kelch GmbH acts as the technology centre for the international business group in Europe. Kelch develops, manufactures and markets tool holders, cleaning devices, shrinking devices, presetters as well as measuring machines and also offers tool management services.

More information at https://www.kelch.de.