KENOVA set line V9.. Series

1. September 2016
Kelch Cleaning Systems
5. September 2016

KENOVA set line V9 Series

With the V9 series Kelch is setting new benchmarks in tool presetting.

The physical attributes of the machine have been further improved through the use of a mineral cast material for the base body.

Based on the motto “what is good can be better“, Kelch is investing in an area of tool presetting where they are already market leader, namely mechanical stability and accuracy.

It is no coincidence that the mineral cast has become the standard base for large co-ordinate measurement machines and machine beds for machining centres with multiple axes. The design, which is cast from one piece from the guideway to the floor, not only ensures a visually unique and ergonomic structure but also guarantees the highest degree of stability possible. The use of the new material for the base brings the following improvements:

Better vibration damping: Less sensitive to influences from the production hall, e.g. large stamping machines.

Increased thermal inertia: Temperature fluctuations are a major enemy of measuring technology, the higher the inertia, the lower the reaction of the material to these fluctuations.

Blue Competence: Through the cold-casting method at approx. 40 °C, less energy is required for production compared to traditional aluminium or cast iron – this improves the energy balance of the device immensely. Furthermore the material can also be used after the life cycle of the presetter , e.g. for road building.


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