28.06.2018 / KENOVA set line V6 mit TDM – Press release

Tool presetter KENOVA set line V9xx-S
25. June 2018
KELCH KENOVA set line V3xx
03.09.2018 / KENOVA set line V3 with TeamViewer IoT – Press release
3. September 2018
Tool presetter KENOVA set line V9xx-S
25. June 2018
KELCH KENOVA set line V3xx
03.09.2018 / KENOVA set line V3 with TeamViewer IoT – Press release
3. September 2018

KELCH combines KENOVA set line V6 with TDM modules

Industry 4.0-enabled tool management
Modules suitable for all designs – from manual to fully automatic

AMB International exhibition for metal working from 18-22 September 2018 in Stuttgart: Hall 1, Stand 1E72

Weinstadt, 28.06.2018. Kelch GmbH, which specialises in peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes, is now offering its premium KENOVA set line V6 tool presetter as a combined package with high-performance modules for tool data management. The TDM (Tool Data Management) modules fit all three versions of the KENOVA set line V6: from manual, manual with CNC spindle to the fully automatic version (fully CNC). Intelligent EASY operating software guides users through the applications in an easily understandable manner and is optimised for Industry 4.0 structures.

The KENOVA set line range is optimised for fast, simple and precise measurements and achieves maximum possible process reliability by being equipped with patented systems. Connecting the KENOVA set line V6 to the matching TDM software enables companies to ensure that all tools are correctly prepared and measured within the prescribed tolerances. The TDM Basic Module is therefore designed for the organisation of tool components, complete tools, tool lists and other operating equipment. The software manages everything in a central database and makes the data accessible for company-wide access. The TDM Tool Crib Module helps companies to organise their tools in storage, for servicing and on the machine, enabling both automated and also manual storage systems to be controlled, at the same time, documenting the status of the tools. On request, a TDM Ordering Module can also be integrated to ensure that spare parts are promptly provided when required.

Tools clearly assigned
The TDM Modules have a three-stage structure to ensure that all tools can be clearly assigned. First and foremost, the software distinguishes between the type of tool class, such as milling, drilling, turning, cutting inserts among others. In turn, they are sub-divided according to tool classes, so that, for instance, the “Drilling” tool class includes centring drills, deep drilling technology, core drills, stage drills among others. The individual areas are sub-divided in detail into individual tool groups for an optimum general layout. Thus, three-lipped core drills, triangular core drills, core drill heads, countersink tool bits and more are included in the “Core drill” tool class.

Ease of use: EASY software
Users control the operation of KENOVA set line V6 on a clearly arranged work screen with EASY software: the tool, adapter, measuring function and values measured on the tool can all be read off on a single page. In terms of evaluation, the software guides the user quickly to the required result. Depending on the user’s requirement, the software offers many additional functions, including the checking of radial and axial run-out, a total image function or an additional top light for tool inspection. Tool adjustment plans for test workflows can also be produced. The user simply enters the identification number of the tool or calls up the data by selecting the appropriate RFID chip to call up the saved measurement workflows. Additional functions are optionally available for EASY, including automated tool programming or the implementation of post-processors and CNC parameters. Connection to Industry 4.0 systems is also provided – for example for data transfers via a network, communication with tool management systems, CAM systems or by QR code. Other software options, such as combining KENOVA set line V6 with CoVis or kOne, are also possible.

Kelch GmbH, based in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, offers peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes. With over 100 employees, the company generates annual revenue of approx. €13 million. As a fully owned subsidiary of Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. (HMCT), Harbin/China, Kelch is part of the China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (Genertec), Beijing. Genertec is represented in 100 countries worldwide, with 45,000 employees in 51 companies. Kelch GmbH acts as the technology centre for the international business group in Europe. KELCH develops, manufactures and markets tool holders, cleaning devices, shrinking devices, presetters as well as measuring machines and also offers tool management services.

More information at https://www.kelch.de.

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